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Charys Caldarella

Owner, Founder & Designer of Styelle Swim



Our founder, designer and creative director - Charys Caldarella is a proud mother of 5 beautiful children and the wife of film distributor, Shane Rizkallah. When she isn't running around Sydney for her family, you will find her on a beach, or in a beach. Her deep love of the ocean is what drives her sustainable approach to life. "If we can't change things for ourselves, we need to change them for our children. We want them to be able to enjoy the ocean and all its creatures like we do. Sustainability isn't a selling point, it needs to be the norm." says Charys.

After being in fashion from the age of 17, Charys has seen many trends come and go, contributing to the senseless waste of fashion today. She set out to create more timeless styles with a bit of an edge to reflect the uniqueness of women that are to wear them.  Moving her way up through the fashion ranks through companies like Saba and Sass & Bide, then attending FBI Fashion College, Charys began her career in evening wear. She attributes the beautiful shapes of her swimwear to her understanding of the female form and the many different shapes it comes in.