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Brighten up those winter woes – mellow yellow ‘kini, coming soon!



Brighten up those winter woes – mellow yellow ‘kini, coming soon!

Can you believe that we’re already half way through this Aussie winter? If you’re anything like us – those winter blues can start to kick in right about now. Thankfully, there’s not long to go before we wave goodbye to those chilly nights and dark mornings.

Have you been dreaming of hot summer days? Sandy beaches? Coconut oil lathered bodies? – Are we painting a beautiful picture for you? Whilst the weather might not quite yet be ready to grace us with those sunny days – we do have the next best thing!

We’re so excited to be launching our new summer inspired bikini very soon! Drawing upon the warm, yellow-hued tones of summer, this bikini will have you feeling like it’s the hot season – no matter the weather outside.

Winter doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom with this little number. Here are some fun ways to bring a little taste of summer into this chilly season, with the help of our new mellow yellow ‘kini…


Wear them to a spa day:

Grab the girls – it’s time for a day full of pampering at the spa! Winter is the perfect season to indulge in massages, floatation therapies, steam rooms and of course, sitting back with a wine in hand as those steamy bubbles fill the hot tub! There’s no better way to bring a little summer lovin’ into the cold season, than to wear a bright pair of bathers, and hit the day spa. It also gives you and your friends an amazing excuse to catch up, and tend to your self-care. It can be easy turning into a hermit crab over winter when a cosy warm blanket and Netflix sounds more appealing than a night on the town. No excuses for this activity though! Call the squad and grab your bikinis – the hot spa is calling!

Brighten up the hot springs:

Mineral hot springs are a wonderful way to make the most out of your bikini in winter. As the name suggests, many of these hot springs contain various minerals including sodium, calcium and magnesium to aid with many conditions. Bathing in mineral hot springs can boost blood circulation, reduce stress and promote sleep, relieve pain and help to heal skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. All the more reason to grab your swimsuit and take advantage of the cold season to visit your nearest hot springs. Wave goodbye to those winter woes, and instead sit back, relax, and let all those minerals wash all your troubles away.

Wear them to the snow:

Yep, you read correctly! You’ve got to be just a little daring to do this one. If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner – pop on your bright yellow top & bottoms and head to the snow! While it does make for a great Insta photo, we certainly don’t encourage you to be out there for hours in the cold. Hypothermia isn’t cool, so this one is probably best saved for those of you who are actually staying in snow accommodation overnight. Perhaps only duck out for a few minutes outside your lodge, get the snaps and head back in to warm up! It’s certainly not for everyone but it could be a fun, bold way to bring a little vibrancy to the winter season.

Now, this next one might be considered cheating but…

Go overseas:

Okay, so this one bypasses winter completely but you have to admit, it is a viable option because it’s always summer somewhere around the globe! If it’s been a while since your last vacay, consider packing the suitcase with your summer inspired ‘kinis and heading to a tropical oasis! The options are endless – if a taste of Tropicana isn’t your thing – how about a Mediterranean escape? We can hear those Greek islands calling! We can totally picture our vibrant new yellow bikinis on the sandy shores of Mykonos and Santorini. So if you’re lucky enough to be following your wanderlust heart this winter season, be sure to pack a pair of these bad boys!

All in all, the winter season doesn’t have to be dark or drab! In fact, with a little innovation it can be bright, cheerful and happy (just like our new bikini)! There are plenty of activities that you can do during winter that involve a little taste of summer. A spa day with the girls, a day out at the mineral hot springs, a cheeky flash in the snow, or a travellers delight – take your pick and make this frosty season the best one yet!

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