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Styelle's Purpose

Styelle's Purpose
Designing luxury swimwear for women of many shapes, and creating a product that really makes them feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in their own skin is what Styelle is all about.

Where our material comes from and how our bikinis are made is also equally important to us. Our bikinis are all ethically made to support fair trade, sustainable production, environment and animal welfare.

Why should you support ethical fashion?

Women are spending more and more money on clothes than ever before and only wearing about 20% of their wardrobe. We are buying from fashion chains that use cheap material, so that we can have more variety and more options when it comes to putting our outfits together. By spending more money on high quality garments, not only will you get more wear out of your clothes and feel better wearing them, but you are supporting an ethical production environment and fair work trade.

By paying a little more up front for your clothes we are also investing in a capsule wardrobe that is flattering on our body shape, unique to our individual style and won’t lose its shape after two or three washes. Don’t you deserve the right to feel and look fabulous in clothes made out of material you know will last?

By supporting ethical fashion, you are also supporting positive working environments for the people that make the clothes you are wearing. In the western world, we take a lot for granted and assume this is a world-wide standard. In counties not so fortunate people are subjected to working 20 hours without rest, sleeping on cold, dirty floors in between their shifts at the fear that they may lose their job with no access to clean water and food, all for 0.22 cents per hour.

The purchase of ethical fashion will also ensure the security of fair wages and children will have the right to a childhood, clean water and food to eat.

Companies like Styelle who support ethical fashion really care about the people who produce their clothing, and when you buy our bikinis you are getting a little bit extra – the finer materials, the better seams and the added details that mass production can’t offer.

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Let’s Get Eth-i-cal… Ethical!

Let’s Get Eth-i-cal… Ethical!


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