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Your must have swim item this summer is a tie-front bikini!

Your must have swim item this summer is a tie-front bikini!

Brace yourselves ladies – our upcoming range will feature two new bikini designs that provide both style and comfort for all your summer activities. Tie-front bikinis (your must have swim item this summer) have been gaining popularity over the last couple of seasons, with 2019 set to become the biggest yet for this style. More than just a trend however, tie-front bikinis are a timeless style with a touch of femininity – a functional design that ensures ease of wear and practical use. Here are some of the top reasons why you need a tie-front bikini in your life!

They take out the guess work for sizing:

One of the best aspects regarding functionality for tie-front bikinis is the fact that you don’t have to contend with straps being the wrong size. Simply choose the top size based on what size you would normally wear, and you can tighten or loosen the top as needed, even if you do measure a little under or over! For smaller busted gals, you can tie the front bow tightly to give the illusion of a push up bra, and for larger busts, you can tie it accordingly so your girls sit comfortably and remain covered.

They are easy to use:

Gone are the days of having to find those pesky strings that tie up at the back – having to look in the mirror and commence a crazy yoga-like position just to grab the right ones to tie up! We get it girl, you don’t have eyes at the back of your head, and that’s when a tie-front bikini makes life oh-so-easy! You won’t need to twist and turn or pull a muscle to tie this style up, because all the work is done right under your nose!

They add a feminine touch:

For those of you who love a flirty yet feminine look, the tie-front bikini is the ideal style choice for you. The front tie allows for a small knot or bow to be adorned front and centre as you tan on the salty shores, or as you play Marco Polo by the pool. This look pairs perfectly with bottoms that tie up on the sides as it carries this feminine bow theme all the way through.

They won’t break or easily become damaged:

The tie-front bikini is a classic and trusted style because it won't break like designs which feature flimsy clips. Clips often get damaged when used for long periods of time, particularly when they have to deal with those salty waves crashing upon them, or the constant motion of hooking and unclasping. The tie-front bikini omits this issue completely by allowing you to use the existing straps or fabric to securely tie the top up for all your beach day activities.

There is no risk of skin irritation:

While we’re on the topic of clips, those who suffer from very sensitive skin often find that metal or plastic clips on bikinis can cause some uncomfortable reactions on the skin. Pair this with strong chemicals such as chlorine or the abrasive nature of sand and many women leave the pool or the beach with a red and itchy skin reaction. Again, the omission of these clips on tie front bikinis means it’s one less problem for those with sensitive skin types.

All in all, tie front bikinis are not only a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing style option, but they also serve a purpose in terms of functionality. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our latest collection, so you can have a pair of tie-front bikinis to call your own. As always, if you have any questions about  your must have swim item this summer, our styles or sizing, be sure to get in touch.


Have a beachin' weekend now you know your must have swim item this summer!!

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