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Everything Styelle Swim Accomplished in 2023 & the Reality of Running an Ethical Fashion Brand

Everything Styelle Swim Accomplished in 2023 & the Reality of Running an Ethical Fashion Brand

As a swimwear fashion house constantly striving for better, we have ethical and sustainable practises embedded deep in our ethos from the very start, but the drive never slows down here at Styelle. We never lose sight of our overarching mission, to provide ethical ad sustainable choices at the forefront of anything and everything we do so our ocean lovers don’t have to compromise style or sustainability when it comes to their swimwear. So here’s our 2023 efforts broken down for our conscious shoppers to take you on every step of our journey…

74.5kg of textiles diverted from landfills

The fashion industry’s biggest issue is waste, here at Styelle Swim we make conscious efforts to devoid any textiles from ending up in landfills and taking years to break down, having a negative impact on the environment. we are proud to have diverted tens of kilograms from ending up in never-ending landfills.

360.75kg greenhouse gas prevented

We are proud to share we have prevented hundreds of kilograms of greenhouse gas from emitting to the environment. This continues to be a crucial focus here at Styelle as greenhouse gasses lead to climate change by trapping the suns heat. 

100% ethical, fairly paid labour 

Not only are we environmentally sustainable, but here at Styelle, it is equally as important to use to be socially responsible which is why we put extra care and attention into all of our workers. You can be sure those making your garments are given beyond the basics of an ethical work environment and fairly paid for their labour. 

Styelle turned SEVEN years old!

We are beyond grateful for every single one of you who supports us here at Styelle Swim and helps us make an impact. We are officially seven years old with this incredible and inspiring community of conscious customers!


Taking a Styelle-ish Approach

Our sustainable efforts are within our core and can be seen seamless across everything we do here at Styelle, to not only offer sustainable swimwear but educate and inspire our community from our blog to social media. The Styelle-ish approach is about empowering you to make conscious choices and shop timeless, ethical and sustainable styles as part of a community.


One Tree Planted with every order

In 2023 for every single order passed through we planted one tree. Nature and trees contribute to a healthy atmosphere and environment by absorbing carbon dioxide to contribute to beating climate change. 

The reality of running and maintaining an ethical and sustainable fashion house at the core is not easy, especially as a small business. No one is truly 100% sustainable, but here at Styelle, we make conscious choices in everything we do to hold sustainability at the forefront of Styelle Swim and encourage a world of conscious shoppers who love the ocean.

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