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Styelle Published by Ragtrader!

Styelle Published by Ragtrader!

How is this new label tackling sustainability?

Australian swimwear label Styelle has launched into the market with a pledge to introduce upcycled product by 2018 and ensure ethical production in its supply chain.

"Styelle founder Charys Rizkallah, a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, set up production in Brazil to develop a supply chain that had no connection with the use of child slave labour.

Looking ahead to 2018, Styelle has pledged to become even more sustainable, by incorporating fabrics that have been upcycled from discarded fishnets and PET bottles.

Charys said this was the best alternative for these products and took the opportunity to highlight the importance of an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

“In many countries, children as young as six are forced into working extreme hours in terrible factory conditions and paid as little as 12 cents an hour.

“All to produce a cheap garment that will fall apart after the first wash. It’s just not worth it!

"People need to know what it is they are paying for when they buy a ridiculously cheap garment and that there are ethical clothing options so easily available. You just have to ask the right questions.”

“These plastics will never break down and so the best solution is to melt them down and turn them into something
beautiful that every woman will love and treasure."

Styelle swimsuits are created with DuPont Lycra, which allows the suit to stretch up a whole size but still retain its shape and includes double stitching with secure support cups." John McDonnell | Ragtrader | 27 September 2017

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Onward and Upward, we have done one better than upcycled fabrics, we have acquired biodegradable fabrics for the 2018/19 collection due to land in time for the international summer of 2108. Styelle is beginning to be recognised on a global scale and will continue it's efforts to change the world, one bikini at a time. Read more about our current practices here.


Charys xx

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Introducing Styelle Swim’s Bikini Buy Back Scheme!

Introducing Styelle Swim’s Bikini Buy Back Scheme!

Pussy Cat Doll Melody Thornton Rocks Gold Coast in Styelle

Pussy Cat Doll Melody Thornton Rocks Gold Coast in Styelle


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